In our dreams, according to Jung, we are cast as both the heroes and the villains, the good guys and the bad guys.

The Fox Crime network has become a force across more than 30 countries in Europe and Asia through unflinching crime & investigation programming that lets us identify with both the cops and the crooks.

Our Fox Crime rebrand helped the network tap into both sides of its viewers’ collective split personality, evoking a fog-shrouded realm of light and shadow, of danger and deception, where nothing is what it seems. The new package helped brighten up a brand that had come to seem a bit dark, but without losing the sense of mystery and intrigue that makes Fox Crime unique.


The greatest crime shows are a study in contrasts, digging into the forces of both good and evil that fuel every case.

From a color scheme pitting gold vs. blue to an interplay of hard and soft surfaces, we incorporated that compelling conceptual dichotomy into every level. 

Totalling more than 70 production-friendly deliverables, the results of this Fox Crime brand package are an unforgettable visualization of the complex moral code that lies within all of us. 



Client: Fox International Channels

Direction: Eloisa Iturbe, Martin Lanciano

Design: Valeria Moreiro, Ianko Perea, Susana Pinto, Leandro Fernandez

Animation: Esteban Simone, Sebastian Morales