It all began with a logo redesign for what just might be the best-labeled TV network in this age we live in – one that has the essence of social connection and viewer engagement baked into its very name.

Fixing to move on from the era when its lettering stood for “Women’s Entertainment,” WEtv looked to us for a new logo that was bold, contemporary and gender-neutral. It wanted to include everyone, which made perfect sense given that there are so many aWEsome things that include “WE”, like poWEr, WEird, WEddings, tWErk, vieWErs, etc...

We loved that WE isn’t just the connective tissue between its fans and great programming.

It’s a literal verbal bridge within the cool words and concepts that define those very shows.

So we conceived of a way to accentuate, and celebrate, both roles through a device as simple as it is effective. 



On its own, the underline is a stand that elevates and empowers, but it also acts as an open container system, adding structure without limitation. It’s a figure as sturdy as any square or circle, but it doesn’t put a barrier between WEtv and the rest of the world.

Instead, it sets the brand free.

Free to stand tall amidst the words that surround it.

Free to move and dance, adding a delightful sense of play to the proceedings.

Free to divide and conquer, creating multi-platform WEtv sub-brands.


In the end, our logo concept was a visual call-to-arms signifying connection, strength and liberation. It was a symbol so powerful and uplifting it would go on to become the groundwork for an entire WEtv network rebrand, the execution of which was one of the most satisfying moments in our company’s history.

Through a close and extremely rewarding collaboration with the client, we discovered that there were no limits to where we could take the underline, from digital platforms where it beautifully conjures hypertext and website allusions to real-world wearables such as t-shirts, pins and other merch.

But beneath it all, the underline is an endlessly malleable linking device, one that brings words, ideas, shows and viewers together across cultures, platforms, space and time. It’s the ultimate personification of the greatest rallying cry of them all: “WE the people!” 



Client: WEtv - AMC Networks

Direction: Eloisa Iturbe, Martin Lanciano

Design: Valeria Moreiro, Ianko Perea, Alejandra Lan, Leandro Fernandez, Susana Pinto

Animation: Maximiliano Riedel, Esteban Simone, Sebastian Morales, Federico Figueroa, Josefina Preumayr